Libya work visa is granted to foreign nationals who wish to work in Libya. Working in the country without a work visa is illegal. A small Libyan company usually has the right to bring 20 foreign workers into the country, except where the company has existing contracts to run large projects which often require more workers. The work visa process must be initiated via the Work Department in Libya.

Work Visa Procedure:

  • Step 1: in order to apply for a work visa the applicant must have a job offer from a Libyan company.
  • Step 2: the company initiates the process by applying to the Work Department (مكتب العمل) for a work visa approval, providing a copy of the applicant’s passport, an invitation letter prepared by the company, and the required fees.
  • Step 3: the work department approves the application, and sends a copy to the immigration (ارسال الموافقه الي الجوزات).
  • Step 4: the immigration department prepares the actual “work visa approval” (see below for a copy) and faxes a copy to the Libyan embassy in the applicant’s country of origin.
  • Step 5: the applicant visits the embassy, pays the appropriate fees, and secures the visa stamp in his or her passport (as shown in the above work visa photo).

Do I need a visa for Libya?

If you need to visit Libya for business purposes, you will require a Libya work visa to guarantee your entry into the country. This must be applied for prior to your flight, as it will not be possible to issue them on your arrival in the country.

Do I need a tourist visa to Libya?

Tourists do not require any additional documentation to visit Libya beyond their passport.

What should I consider before travelling to Libya?

It is critical to note that the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office has, since 2014, strongly advised against any international travel to Libya, regardless of the purpose of the visit. This is as a result of the political turmoil and military intervention which has built up in the country in recent years, including kidnappings and terrorist attacks.

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