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Abdul Ghaffar & Sons is your reliable recruitment partner having mastery in matching exceptional manpower from Pakistan with employers in Turkey. With our vast awareness of the Turkish job market, we are devoted to delivering human resource solutions to your company that meet your specific hiring needs. Our team of recruitment specialists is dedicated to streamlining the recruitment process, ensuring you access the best candidates efficiently. Collaborate with Abdul Ghaffar & Sons to induct a talented workforce and drive your company's growth in Turkey. Find your overseas company to a world of possibilities with us and shape the success of your business.

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Industries We Support as
Recruitment Agency for Turkey

At Abdul Ghaffar & Sons, we are passionate about helping our clients succeed. We assist both companies and job seekers to make their growth easier. We make it simple for businesses in various industries to find the right people for their teams. Our aim is to make the recruitment process from locating to connecting companies in Turkey with Pakistani talent, straightforward and convenient.

Tourism Recruitment Agency for Turke

Turkey’s tourism industry keeps on booming because of its exquisite locations, warm climate conditions, calm beaches, and extravagant hotels. A major revenue for Turkey’s economy is generated from the tourism sector. Due to the great importance given to Turkey tourism, there are a lot of job openings in Turkey. Abdul Ghaffar & Sons effectively serves Turkish employers from different tourism companies in finding Pakistani manpower that suits their requirements and demands in a timely interval.

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Manufacturing Recruitment Agency for Turkey

Turkey’s manufacturing industry is diverse and includes domains of textile, food, iron and steel, electronics and home appliances, and construction materials. It is flourishing and contributing to the country’s welfare by being a big exporter of their manufactured products. Abdul Ghaffar & Sons supports Turkey’s manufacturing sector by matching the top-tier talent from Pakistan to reputable companies in Turkey. Having your best interest at our heart, we treat your human resource recruitment as our own.

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Real Estate Recruitment Agency for Turkey

In recent years, Turkey has emerged as a hotspot for international investments with a variety of investment opportunities in real estate. The cost for both residential and commercial properties has skyrocketed and investing in Turkey’s real estate has become a smart and profitable choice. At Abdul Ghaffar & Sons, we assist real estate companies in Turkey to employ agents from Pakistan who are fully trained, experienced, and well-versed in the insights of the real estate industry. We are helping hand at your service for refined and systematic recruitment.

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Textile Recruitment Agency for Turkey

Being the 5th largest supplier of apparel across the globe while 3rd biggest exporter in Europe, Turkey’s textile industry has gained valuable growth all around the world. Our recruitment experts at Abdul Ghaffar & Sons realize the worth of creative and talented textile designers and match the best ones from Pakistan with the thriving clothing companies in Turkey through their extensive expertise in hiring. Having strong liaison with job seekers and employers, we excel in connecting the right companies with the right candidates.

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Abdul Ghaffar & Sons value time and commitment just like your business does. As a leading manpower recruitment agency in Pakistan for Turkey, we believe in delivering the finest quality recruitment services to our overseas employers in Turkey. Make your human resource operations easy by partnering with our agency and attaining practical, efficient, and clear manpower solutions for finding the right talent. Your satisfaction is our priority so we ensure that we execute your recruitment operations seamlessly and leave you with a grin. Trust us for top-notch hiring and smooth staffing procedures!

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