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Abdul Ghaffar & Sons is a renowned recruitment agency for Saudia Arabia with extensive expertise in overseas recruitment. We assist KSA employers in locating entry-level, intermediate, first-level, or top-level management manpower in Pakistan. Our aim is to connect companies with the best talent and job seekers with the best opportunities.
Saudia Arabia has an abundance of high-level job prospects, drawing many Pakistanis to pursue their dreams in Riyadh, Jubail, Jeddah, Qatif, Al-Kharj, Tabuk, and Dammam. Pakistanis need a reputable international recruitment firm to land the ideal job, and Abdul Ghaffar & Sons is the reliable ally that guides them genuinely to turn their dream into a reality. As a reputable recruitment agency in Pakistan for Saudia Arabia, we put first the pleasures of our clients and are committed to satisfying their requirements and objectives.

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Industries We Support
as a Leading Recruitment Agency for KSA

When it comes to recruitment for Saudi Arabia, Abdul Ghaffar & Sons stands out as the top Recruitment Agency in Pakistan. We provide seasoned foreign recruitment services in a variety of business areas. We address the staffing requirements of a diverse range of businesses, including oil and gas, healthcare, security, finance, teaching, construction, domestic work, and others. Here are some of the major industries we serve:

Oil and Gas Recruitment Agency for Saudia Arabia

Being an oil-rich kingdom, the oil and gas industry in Saudia Arabia continues to expand perpetually and continues to be the largest exporter of oil. Abdul Ghaffar & Sons, as an eminent KSA recruitment firm, plays a critical role in matching oil and gas companies with appropriate staff. Our skilled headhunters have cultivated strong connections with established, developing, and emerging companies in the KSA. Our recruitment experts stay up to date about the most recent job opportunities to build connections between employers and employees who share mutual compatibility.

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Healthcare Recruitment Agency for KSA

Being a premier healthcare recruitment agency in the KSA, our objective is to unite skilled professionals with the finest healthcare institutions. Whether you're an experienced or aspiring healthcare practitioner searching for new opportunities abroad or an overseas company in search of talent that precisely fits your company's needs, Abdul Ghaffar & Sons is your dependable partner!
Our recruitment team possesses extensive expertise within the healthcare industry, guaranteeing the achievement of staffing goals for employers and the establishment of rewarding careers for job seekers.

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Tutor Manpower Recruitment Agency for Saudia Arabia

As a prominent manpower recruitment agency for Saudia Arabia, Abdul Ghaffar & Sons partners with diverse businesses to execute their staffing requirements. Our firm maintains connections with educational institutions throughout Saudi Arabia, assisting those seeking teaching positions there.
We specialize in offering valuable advice and support to Pakistani instructors throughout their hiring journey. As for Saudi employers, our recruitment agency comprehensively manages the entire recruitment process for them from start to finish.

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Domestic Worker Recruitment Agency for KSA

As our recruitment services are not limited to one industry, we also provide maids or domestic workers required by clients in Saudia Arabia for housekeeping chores. We ensure that the staff provided performs their tasks with full dedication so you don’t have to worry about completing homemaking errands. You can count on us for reliable recruitment services.

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Why Choose Abdul Ghaffar & Sons
as KSA Recruitment Agency in Pakistan

Due to the tight job market conditions in Pakistan, youth intend to work in Saudia Arabia where their talent would be acknowledged and appreciated, also they would have diverse mediums for growth. The delightful part is that Saudis greet Pakistani talent with a warm embrace. This is because the labor force from Pakistan contributed greatly to the economic growth of Saudia Arabia.
Companies in KSA are constantly seeking employees from Pakistan. Choosing the right staff is a responsibility that demands intense focus and time. Abdul Ghaffar & Sons recognizes the critical significance that human resources demonstrates in a company's growth and success. We manage the recruitment process on your behalf, assuring transparency and uprightness. As a reputable foreign staffing agency in Pakistan for Saudia Arabia, we aim to make hiring easier for KSA companies while connecting Pakistani staff with relevant Gulf enterprises.

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