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Qatar is a well-known destination for tourism and employment all across the world. In the last ten years, the business industry in Qatar has developed immensely, with the commencement of many new industries. This has created lots of new job opportunities for people who are looking for work.
Abdul Ghaffar & Sons is the best Pakistani manpower recruitment agency for Qatar that associates employers in Qatar with top talent in Pakistan. We can find workers for all kinds of jobs in Qatar's biggest industries. So, if you are an organization based in Qatar that is looking for a professional and experienced workforce or a candidate who dreams of working in a reputable overseas company, then let Abdul Ghaffar & Sons be your devoted partner! We make recruitment easy and uncomplicated for you.

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Industries We Support as a
Top Recruitment Agency for Qatar

Abdul Ghaffar & Sons provides overseas recruitment assistance to several industries from construction to housekeeping. We render our services with acute quality to businesses and workers with full commitment. Some of the most prominent industries that we serve are as follows:

Oil and Gas Recruitment Agency for Qatar

The state of Qatar is the biggest trader of oil & gas. With a wide range of energy companies owned by government and private institutions, the country’s economy is flourishing due to its booming oil and gas industry. Abdul Ghaffar & Sons supports companies in Qatar's oil and gas industry to find skilled, semi-skilled, or unskilled labor forces from Pakistan. Through our strong liaisons with big and growing companies in Qatar, we help Pakistani workers get their ideal jobs started.

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Medical Recruitment Agency for Qatar

As a top recruitment agency for Qatar, we specialize in medical staffing from Pakistan to Qatar. Our prime motive is to bring together qualified healthcare professionals with excellent job opportunities in the medical field. Our recruitment team has seasoned personnel having rich expertise in healthcare careers, and they excel at connecting the perfect candidates with the ideal positions, creating cooperative and healthy partnerships. When it comes to reliable recruitment, count on Abdul Ghaffar & Sons!

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Hospitality Recruitment Agency for Qatar

Whether it is event planning, traveling & tourism, food catering, or any other hospitality business, we serve all of them by bridging them with the best Pakistani staff with values that match their company’s culture. Abdul Ghaffar & Sons offers an exceptional experience to its clients that exceeds their expectations and makes them return with a smile.

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Teacher Recruitment Agency for Qatar

Operating as a renowned recruitment agency for Qatar, Abdul Ghaffar & Sons teams up with all sorts of businesses to help them find the right manpower. We have connections with reputable, growing, and newly established schools in Qatar, so if you're looking for a teaching job there, we are here to help you! For Pakistani teachers, we offer helpful advice and support during the hiring process. For Qatari employers, we take care of everything in the recruitment process, making it convenient for them from beginning to end.

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Why Choose Abdul Ghaffar & Sons
as the Pakistani recruitment agency for Qatar

Qatar is striving to have a more varied economy. Other than their main industry of oil, they are now shifting their focus to other business domains including technology, construction, hospitality, education, etc. Qatar now has more avenues for job opportunities than before for people across the globe. In times like these, having dedicated manpower is crucial for the progress of any company. Abdul Ghaffar & Sons is a transparent, trustworthy, and committed staffing agency in Pakistan that assists Qatari companies in finding the right employees and connects Pakistani candidates with the best job openings. We respect your time and ensure the recruitment process is properly streamlined for smooth hiring.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • At Abdul Ghaffar & Sons, we respect diversity and inclusion. We actively seek to link candidates from diverse backgrounds to our clients. We believe that versatile teams bring new perspectives and modern solutions, which can be highly beneficial to organizations.

  • We understand that not every candidate will be the right fit for every role. When a candidate is not selected, we provide constructive feedback and offer guidance on areas for improvement. Our goal is to help candidates grow and succeed in their careers.