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As a top recruitment agency in Pakistan for Iraq, Abdul Ghaffar & Sons is your trusted recruitment partner who ensures employers in Iraq meet outstanding talent from Pakistan. Our standing in finding the best fit for your workforce is uncompromising. Our recruitment experts are aware of the game-changing role of highly qualified manpower in supercharging the growth of businesses in Iraq. Therefore, we unite the right candidates with the right companies so both can outshine and flourish hand in hand.

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Industries We Support as
Recruitment Agency for Iraq

At Abdul Ghaffar & Sons, we have a strong aspiration to help Iraq businesses find talented people from all around the world. We take care of their HR needs and help them find the right people for their teams. Our recruitment services are not limited to a few sectors yet we work with a wide range of industries like finance, medicine, oil & gas, farming, marketing, engineering, construction, and more. We ensure everything happens on time and conveniently, so you can focus on your business's success that matters the most.

Petroleum Recruitment Agency for Iraq

Renowned as the second biggest crude oil manufacturer in OPEC, Iraq generates massive revenue from the petroleum industry. Realizing and thoroughly understanding the details of this sector, our recruitment experts bring together Iraqi employers with highly skilled manpower. Having a successful track record of job placement, we recognize the type of workforce needed for your company and strive to fuel the progress of your petroleum venture with the right talent.

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Agriculture Recruitment Agency for Iraq

With our broad experience, we comprehend the unique demands of the agriculture industry and bridge Iraqi employers with talented manpower. Our team is proficient at determining candidates with the right expertise and knowledge to excel in your organization. Whether you require agronomists, farm managers, or specialists in various agricultural fields, we will link you with the required candidates. Partner with us to cultivate success in your agricultural endeavors in Iraq with the ideal talent.

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Trade Recruitment Agency for Iraq

At Abdul Ghaffar & Sons, you will find recruitment specialists who identify your recruitment requirements in no time and efficiently connect your organization in Iraq with the skilled, semi-skilled, or unskilled Pakistani workforce. Whether you seek supply chain wizards, international trade experts, or professionals across various trade domains, we have the experience and connections to deliver the best talent. Shake hands with us and make your hiring smooth and problem-free. Pave the way to the success of your trade business with the most capable manpower.

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Pharmaceutical Recruitment Agency for Iraq

Abdul Ghaffar & Sons is your collaborator who assists you in building a thriving pharmaceutical workforce in Iraq. We prioritize qualities like adaptability, innovation, and commitment in our candidates. Our team excels at identifying individuals who not only possess these optimistic traits and necessary qualifications but also exhibit a passion for advancing healthcare solutions. Whether you need research scientists, pharmaceutical sales specialists, regulatory affairs experts, or professionals spanning diverse pharmaceutical sectors, we have the knack for sourcing top talent. Partner with us so we can elevate your pharmaceutical enterprise in Iraq together.

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as a Manpower Recruitment Agency for Iraq

Choose Abdul Ghaffar & Sons as your loyal manpower recruitment agency for Iraq and discover an exceptional workforce that makes your company profitable with its quality efforts. With mastery of connecting Iraqi employers with the finest talent from Pakistan, we bring unmatched expertise to the table. Our comprehensive knowledge of both the Iraqi and Pakistani job markets, coupled with our extensive connections, ensures that we deliver candidates perfectly suited to your unique requirements. Whether you're in construction, healthcare, engineering, or any other industry, we adjust our hiring strategies to find the best fit for your organization. Partner with Abdul Ghaffar & Sons for reliable, effective, and dedicated growth.

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